Testing Patterns

bullet1 Testers

  • work close to development
  • work close to customers, support, service
  • do integration testing

Testers need a lot of information from development and from the field people (support, presales, ..). However a testing group may work close to development, doing “gray” or even white box testing, or see the product from a pure user’s point of view, doing black box and acceptance testing. Testers may act as a service provider to development or to the customers. In ideal circumstances the testers should do both, but there may be preferences. Another role of the testers may be to do integration testing, i.e. to run code and products from different development teams and test, whether they will work together. This role is more independent from development and from the field people than the two other roles, especially in case the testers need a complex infrastructure (tools, hard and software configuration).